A00 -----Cholera

A000 -----Cholera due to Vibrio cholerae 01, biovar cholerae

A001 -----Cholera due to Vibrio cholerae 01, biovar eltor

A009 -----Cholera, unspecified

A01 -----Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers

A010 -----Typhoid fever

A0100 -----Typhoid fever, unspecified

A0101 -----Typhoid meningitis

A0102 -----Typhoid fever with heart involvement

A0103 -----Typhoid pneumonia

A0104 -----Typhoid arthritis

A0105 -----Typhoid osteomyelitis

A0109 -----Typhoid fever with other complications

A011 -----Paratyphoid fever A

A012 -----Paratyphoid fever B

A013 -----Paratyphoid fever C

A014 -----Paratyphoid fever, unspecified

A02 -----Other salmonella infections

A020 -----Salmonella enteritis

A021 -----Salmonella sepsis

A022 -----Localized salmonella infections

A0220 -----Localized salmonella infection, unspecified

A0221 -----Salmonella meningitis

A0222 -----Salmonella pneumonia

A0223 -----Salmonella arthritis

A0224 -----Salmonella osteomyelitis

A0225 -----Salmonella pyelonephritis

A0229 -----Salmonella with other localized infection

A028 -----Other specified salmonella infections

A029 -----Salmonella infection, unspecified

A03 -----Shigellosis

A030 -----Shigellosis due to Shigella dysenteriae

A031 -----Shigellosis due to Shigella flexneri

A032 -----Shigellosis due to Shigella boydii

A033 -----Shigellosis due to Shigella sonnei

A038 -----Other shigellosis

A039 -----Shigellosis, unspecified

A04 -----Other bacterial intestinal infections

A040 -----Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli infection

A041 -----Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection

A042 -----Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli infection

A043 -----Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection

A044 -----Other intestinal Escherichia coli infections

A045 -----Campylobacter enteritis

A046 -----Enteritis due to Yersinia enterocolitica

A047 -----Enterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile

A048 -----Other specified bacterial intestinal infections

A049 -----Bacterial intestinal infection, unspecified

A05 -----Oth bacterial foodborne intoxications, NEC

A050 -----Foodborne staphylococcal intoxication

A051 -----Botulism food poisoning

A052 -----Foodborne Clostridium perfringens intoxication

A053 -----Foodborne Vibrio parahaemolyticus intoxication

A054 -----Foodborne Bacillus cereus intoxication

A055 -----Foodborne Vibrio vulnificus intoxication

A058 -----Other specified bacterial foodborne intoxications

A059 -----Bacterial foodborne intoxication, unspecified

A06 -----Amebiasis

A060 -----Acute amebic dysentery

A061 -----Chronic intestinal amebiasis

A062 -----Amebic nondysenteric colitis

A063 -----Ameboma of intestine

A064 -----Amebic liver abscess

A065 -----Amebic lung abscess

A066 -----Amebic brain abscess

A067 -----Cutaneous amebiasis

A068 -----Amebic infection of other sites

A0681 -----Amebic cystitis

A0682 -----Other amebic genitourinary infections

A0689 -----Other amebic infections

A069 -----Amebiasis, unspecified

A07 -----Other protozoal intestinal diseases

A070 -----Balantidiasis

A071 -----Giardiasis [lambliasis]

A072 -----Cryptosporidiosis

A073 -----Isosporiasis

A074 -----Cyclosporiasis

A078 -----Other specified protozoal intestinal diseases

A079 -----Protozoal intestinal disease, unspecified

A08 -----Viral and other specified intestinal infections

A080 -----Rotaviral enteritis

A081 -----Acute gastrent d/t Norwalk agent and oth small round viruses

A0811 -----Acute gastroenteropathy due to Norwalk agent

A0819 -----Acute gastroenteropathy due to other small round viruses

A082 -----Adenoviral enteritis

A083 -----Other viral enteritis

A0831 -----Calicivirus enteritis

A0832 -----Astrovirus enteritis

A0839 -----Other viral enteritis

A084 -----Viral intestinal infection, unspecified

A088 -----Other specified intestinal infections

A09 -----Infectious gastroenteritis and colitis, unspecified

A15 -----Respiratory tuberculosis

A150 -----Tuberculosis of lung

A154 -----Tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes

A155 -----Tuberculosis of larynx, trachea and bronchus

A156 -----Tuberculous pleurisy

A157 -----Primary respiratory tuberculosis

A158 -----Other respiratory tuberculosis

A159 -----Respiratory tuberculosis unspecified

A17 -----Tuberculosis of nervous system

A170 -----Tuberculous meningitis

A171 -----Meningeal tuberculoma

A178 -----Other tuberculosis of nervous system

A1781 -----Tuberculoma of brain and spinal cord

A1782 -----Tuberculous meningoencephalitis

A1783 -----Tuberculous neuritis

A1789 -----Other tuberculosis of nervous system

A179 -----Tuberculosis of nervous system, unspecified

A18 -----Tuberculosis of other organs

A180 -----Tuberculosis of bones and joints

A1801 -----Tuberculosis of spine

A1802 -----Tuberculous arthritis of other joints

A1803 -----Tuberculosis of other bones

A1809 -----Other musculoskeletal tuberculosis

A181 -----Tuberculosis of genitourinary system

A1810 -----Tuberculosis of genitourinary system, unspecified

A1811 -----Tuberculosis of kidney and ureter

A1812 -----Tuberculosis of bladder

A1813 -----Tuberculosis of other urinary organs

A1814 -----Tuberculosis of prostate

A1815 -----Tuberculosis of other male genital organs

A1816 -----Tuberculosis of cervix

A1817 -----Tuberculous female pelvic inflammatory disease

A1818 -----Tuberculosis of other female genital organs

A182 -----Tuberculous peripheral lymphadenopathy

A183 -----Tuberculosis of intestines, peritoneum and mesenteric glands

A1831 -----Tuberculous peritonitis

A1832 -----Tuberculous enteritis

A1839 -----Retroperitoneal tuberculosis

A184 -----Tuberculosis of skin and subcutaneous tissue

A185 -----Tuberculosis of eye

A1850 -----Tuberculosis of eye, unspecified

A1851 -----Tuberculous episcleritis

A1852 -----Tuberculous keratitis

A1853 -----Tuberculous chorioretinitis

A1854 -----Tuberculous iridocyclitis

A1859 -----Other tuberculosis of eye

A186 -----Tuberculosis of (inner) (middle) ear

A187 -----Tuberculosis of adrenal glands

A188 -----Tuberculosis of other specified organs

A1881 -----Tuberculosis of thyroid gland

A1882 -----Tuberculosis of other endocrine glands

A1883 -----Tuberculosis of digestive tract organs, NEC

A1884 -----Tuberculosis of heart

A1885 -----Tuberculosis of spleen

A1889 -----Tuberculosis of other sites

A19 -----Miliary tuberculosis

A190 -----Acute miliary tuberculosis of a single specified site

A191 -----Acute miliary tuberculosis of multiple sites

A192 -----Acute miliary tuberculosis, unspecified

A198 -----Other miliary tuberculosis

A199 -----Miliary tuberculosis, unspecified

A20 -----Plague

A200 -----Bubonic plague

A201 -----Cellulocutaneous plague

A202 -----Pneumonic plague

A203 -----Plague meningitis

A207 -----Septicemic plague

A208 -----Other forms of plague

A209 -----Plague, unspecified

A21 -----Tularemia

A210 -----Ulceroglandular tularemia

A211 -----Oculoglandular tularemia

A212 -----Pulmonary tularemia

A213 -----Gastrointestinal tularemia

A217 -----Generalized tularemia

A218 -----Other forms of tularemia

A219 -----Tularemia, unspecified

A22 -----Anthrax

A220 -----Cutaneous anthrax

A221 -----Pulmonary anthrax

A222 -----Gastrointestinal anthrax

A227 -----Anthrax sepsis

A228 -----Other forms of anthrax

A229 -----Anthrax, unspecified

A23 -----Brucellosis

A230 -----Brucellosis due to Brucella melitensis

A231 -----Brucellosis due to Brucella abortus

A232 -----Brucellosis due to Brucella suis

A233 -----Brucellosis due to Brucella canis

A238 -----Other brucellosis

A239 -----Brucellosis, unspecified

A24 -----Glanders and melioidosis

A240 -----Glanders

A241 -----Acute and fulminating melioidosis

A242 -----Subacute and chronic melioidosis

A243 -----Other melioidosis

A249 -----Melioidosis, unspecified

A25 -----Rat-bite fevers

A250 -----Spirillosis

A251 -----Streptobacillosis

A259 -----Rat-bite fever, unspecified

A26 -----Erysipeloid

A260 -----Cutaneous erysipeloid

A267 -----Erysipelothrix sepsis

A268 -----Other forms of erysipeloid

A269 -----Erysipeloid, unspecified

A27 -----Leptospirosis

A270 -----Leptospirosis icterohemorrhagica