A disease caused by an Infection with the gram-negative bacteria Burkholderia mallei. This disease presents with symptoms depending on the route of infection. Transmission is by contact with tissues or Body fluids from infected animals (typically horses), or Inhalation of infected aerosol. Confirmation is by identification of Burkholderia mallei in blood, sputum, urine, or Skin samples.


  • Burkholderia mallei (organism)
  • Organ Affected

  • Skin System (Integumentary System)
  • Abbreviated Terms

  • farce
  • Also Known As

  • Infection due to Pseudomonas mallei
  • equina
  • equine glanders
  • farcy
  • farcy buds
  • farcy cords
  • farcy pipes
  • infection due to actinobacillus mallei
  • infection due to malleomyces mallei
  • maliasmus
  • malleus glanders
  • Related ICD 10 COde

    ICD 10 Code A24.0

    4442 0.577425003052